CHT Templates

December 18, 2018 (08:39PM)


Call ABC Compliant MethodCode 
Embed Debug View TraceCode 
Embed InformationCode 
Embed ViewCode 
Explorer Browse Record TaggerCode 
Extended Events EWFCode 
Handy Application INI FetchCode 
Handy Application INI PutCode 
Handy Help File FetchCode 
Handy Help File Topic EmbedCode 
Handy Help Message BoxCode 
Handy Help Message Box EWFCode 
Handy Help What's NewCode 
Handy Popup CalendarCode 
Handy Routine MakerCode 
Insert In-Line Web Code Include FileCode 
Insert JQ Init CodeCode 
Locator Over Ride Control Record TaggerCode 
Post Control EventCode 
Post Control Event On AlertCode 
Post Hot Key EventCode 
Refresh AB BrowseCode 
Run CHT Snap EditCode 
Server File Name And Path DefaultsCode 
Active Link Browse Column EWFControl 
App Build Date Time StampControl 
App Build Number StampControl 
App Copyright StampControl 
Browseless Edit FormControl 
Browser Server Initialization ControlsControl 
CHT Multi Table UpdateControl 
Dont Show This Splash AgainControl 
Embed View LBXControl 
Explorer Browse Locator ControlControl 
Explorer Browse Locator Control ExControl 
Explorer Browse One Column Query ControlControl 
Explorer Browse One Column Query DropControl 
Explorer Browse Query Builder ControlControl 
Explorer Browse Query Go ButtonControl 
Handy Address ControlsControl 
Handy COM Animation ControlControl 
Handy COM Calendar ControlControl 
Handy COM Date Picker ControlControl 
Handy COM Digital Clock ControlControl 
Handy COM Event Logger ControlControl 
Handy COM Internet Explorer ControlControl 
Handy COM Mail Slot ControlControl 
Handy COM MAPI ControlControl 
Handy COM Media Player ControlControl 
Handy COM Outlook ControlControl 
Handy COM Progress Bar ControlControl 
Handy COM Slider ControlControl 
Handy Com Windows Script Host ControlControl 
Handy COM Zipper ControlControl 
Handy Calc Entry Control ECFControl 
Handy Calc Tape Entry Congrol ECFControl 
Handy Drive Selector ControlControl 
Handy FTP Initialization ControlsControl 
Handy FTP Local Files ControlsControl 
Handy FTP Local Files DL ControlsControl 
Handy FTP Local Files UL ControlsControl 
Handy FTP Remote Files ControlsControl 
Handy Field Auto Complete ControlControl 
Handy File Dialog Select Button EDFControl 
Handy File Dialog Select Button EDFEXControl 
Handy File Dialog Select Button ESHFControl 
Handy File Dialog Select Button EUTFControl 
Handy File Dialog Select Button HCZCControl 
Handy File Selector ControlControl 
Handy Gradient EllipseControl 
Handy Gradient Round BoxControl 
Handy Help Button ControlControl 
Handy Help File Topic ButtonControl 
Handy Hyper LinkControl 
Handy Hyper Link EWFControl 
Handy Mail Me ControlControl 
Handy Mail Me Control EWFControl 
Handy Marker BrowseControl 
Handy Marker Browse Locator ControlControl 
Handy Marker Browse Locator Control ExControl 
Handy Marker Browse One Column Query ControlControl 
HandY Marker Browse Process ButtonControl 
Handy Marker Browse Query Builder ControlControl 
Handy Marker Browse Query Go ButtonControl 
Handy Marker Browse Report ButtonControl 
Handy Marker Browse Row Move ButtonsControl 
HandY Marker Browse Sets ControlControl 
Handy NET Zipper ControlControl 
Handy Outloo Interface ControlsControl 
Handy Popup Calendar ButtonControl 
Handy Popup Menu ButtonControl 
Handy Query Process ButtonControl 
Handy Query Process Button QPFCControl 
Handy Query Process Limiter QB ControlControl 
Handy Query Report ButtonControl 
Handy Query Report Button QPFCControl 
Handy Query Report Limiter QB ControlControl 
Handy Query Tracing Button EXPBControl 
Handy Query Tracing Button HNDMBControl 
Handy Query Tracing Button HQPLControl 
Handy Query Tracing Button HQRLControl 
Handy Query Tracing Button LORCControl 
Handy Region ButtonControl 
Handy Ruler ControlControl 
Handy Run App On Window Timer ControlControl 
Handy Service Remote Control Buttons ESHFControl 
Handy Service Remote Control Buttons HCMSCControl 
Handy Slider ControlControl 
Handy Spell Check ControlControl 
Handy Split Bar HorizontalControl 
HandY Split Bar VerticalControl 
Handy Tell Me ControlControl 
Handy Tell Me Control EWFControl 
Handy Time Enter And Save ControlControl 
Handy Tool Bar GradientControl 
Handy Tool Bar ImageControl 
Handy W32 Event Logger ControlControl 
Handy Win CP Date Time Props Button WSHCControl 
Handy Win CP Display Props Button WSHCControl 
Handy Win CP Internet Props Button WSHCControl 
HandY Win CP System Props Button WSHCControl 
Handy Window Dismiss ControlControl 
Handy Window GradientControl 
Handy Window Gradient BlueControl 
Handy Window Header HiderControl 
Handy Window ImageControl 
Handy Window Debug View Button EWFControl 
Handy Windows Desktop Shortcut Button WSHCControl 
Handy WIndows Event Viewer Button EWFControl 
Handy Window Note Pad Button EWFControl 
Handy Window Services Viewer Button EWFControl 
Handy Windows Stop-Start Calc Buttons WSHCControl 
Handy Windows Stop Start Snap Send ButtonControl 
Handy Word Interface ControlsControl 
In Queue Query Control LBXControl 
Instant Email SendControl 
Instant FTP DownloadControl 
Instant FTP UploadControl 
Instant Outlook MailControl 
Listbox Browse Extender (LBX)Control 
Local Include Spelling CheckControl 
Locator Override ControlControl 
Locator Override Control Query Go ButtonControl 
Max Preload Record Control LBXControl 
Pop Favorite Queries CSBLControl 
Pop Favorite Queries EXPBControl 
Pop Favorite Queries HMBControl 
Pop Favorite Queries LBXControl 
Pop Favorite Queries LORCControl 
Pop Favorite Queries QPFCControl 
Pre Filter Buttons LBXControl 
Query Parsing Filter ControlControl 
Query Parsing Filter Control Apply ButtonControl 
Report Hide WindowControl 
Snap Edit Start ButtonControl 
SnapGet Start ButtonControl 
Snap HNDMail CDO Start ButtonControl 
Snap HNDMail MAPI Start ButtonControl 
Snap HNDMail NET Start ButtonControl 
Snap HNDMail SMTP Start ButtonControl 
Snap HNDSlfCmd Start ButtonControl 
Snap MAPI Start ButtonControl 
Snap SMTP Start ButtonControl 
Snap Send Start ButtonControl 
Snap Unzip Start ButtonControl 
Snap Zip Dir Start ButtonControl 
Snap Zip Start ButtonControl 
Sort Order Field Filter LBXControl 
Universal Query Control LBXControl 
Update Buttons LBXControl 
Visit Browse Column EWFControl 
Visit Handy ControlControl 
Visit Me ControlControl 
Visit Me ControlControl 
Wizard ButtonsControl 
Wizard List BoxControl 
AA CHT Control PanelExtension 
AA CHT Control Panel CloseExtension 
ABC Browse Record Tagger EXExtension 
App Start Splash ProcedureExtension 
Application Images EXExtension 
Application Snap InsExtension 
Browse Lazy DisplayExtension 
Browser Server JDO BuilderExtension 
Build Assistance Page BICExtension 
Build Confirmation Page BICExtension 
Build Download Page BICExtension 
Build Expired Page BICExtension 
Build Home Page BICExtension 
Build Locked Page BICExtension 
Build Login Page BICExtension 
Build Logout Page BICExtension 
Build No Access Page BICExtension 
Build PW Change Page BICExtension 
Build Purchase Page BICExtension 
Build Query Page BICExtension 
Build Registration Page BICExtension 
Build Renewal Page BICExtension 
Build Server Busy Page BICExtension 
Build Upload Page BICExtension 
Build Wrong Browser Page BICExtension 
CHT Best Practice Embed ClassExtension 
Client Server Browse Builder XCLExtension 
Client Server Browse List BoxExtension 
Client Server Data BuilderExtension 
Client Server Query Brancher BICExtension 
Client Server Update Form ButtonsExtension 
Embed AVI FunctionsExtension 
Embed App Hook FunctionsExtension 
Embed Browser ServerExtension 
Embed Browser Server File SchematicExtension 
Embed Buffer ObjectExtension 
Embed CDO Mail FunctionsExtension 
Embed Calculator FunctionsExtension 
Embed Clarion DDE FunctionsExtension 
Embed Compression FunctionsExtension 
Embed Date FunctionsExtension 
Embed Disk FunctionsExtension 
Embed Docking WindowExtension 
Embed Encryption FunctionsExtension 
Embed File FunctionsExtension 
Embed File Notify FunctionsExtension 
Embed Filter FunctionsExtension 
Embed HND Bin File IO FunctionsExtension 
Embed HND CDROM ClassExtension 
Embed HND Call Back FunctionsExtension 
Embed HND Capture ConsoleExtension 
Embed HND Client HookExtension 
Embed HNDData Adapter FunctionsExtension 
Embed HND DiskEx FunctionsExtension 
Embed HND Error ClassExtension 
Embe HND Excel Class FunctionsExtension 
Embed HND Hex To Decimal FunctionsExtension 
Embed HND Outlook Class FunctionsExtension 
Embed HNDQuery Builder FunctionsExtension 
Embed HND Socket EventsExtension 
Embed HND SplitterExtension 
Embed HND String FunctionsExtension 
Embed HND Word FunctionsExtension 
Embed HNDZStore FunctionsExtension 
Embed HTTP Client FunctionsExtension 
Embed HTTP FunctionsExtension 
Embed HNDConfig FunctionsExtension 
Embed HND DosFile FunctionsExtension 
Embed HNDIDial Class FunctionsExtension 
Embed HND IPAddress FunctionsExtension 
EMbed HND OS Control FunctionsExtension 
Embed Internet FTPExtension 
Embed MSWord FunctionsExtension 
Embed MAPI EmailExtension 
Embed Net Date Time ClassesExtension 
Embed Net Drive Data ClassesExtension 
Embed Net FTP ClassesExtension 
Embed Net MAPI ClassesExtension 
Embed Net SMTP ClassesExtension 
Embed Net WLan API ClassesExtension 
Embed Net Zip FunctionsExtension 
Embed ObjectExtension 
Embed Registry FunctionsExtension 
Embed SMS FunctionsExtension 
Embed SMTP FunctionsExtension 
Embed Scripter FunctionsExtension 
Embed Shell Auto Complete FunctionsExtension 
Embed Shell FunctionsExtension 
Embed Shell Link Class FunctionsExtension 
Embed Snap CallExtension 
Embed Standard Web Page HeaderExtension 
Embed Standard Web Page Header ShortExtension 
Embed Utility FunctionsExtension 
Embed ViewEXExtension 
Embed ViewEX Transaction FrameExtension 
Embed Win HTTP FunctionsExtension 
Embed Windows FunctionsExtension 
Embed Zip Query Parser FunctionsExtension 
Explorer BrowseExtension 
Explorer Browse Record Tagger EXExtension 
Export Classes By CategoryExtension 
Export Classes By NameExtension 
Field Level Validattion CodeExtension 
Generate HND Setup Maker Install DetailsExtension 
Global Include CWUtil FunctionsExtension 
Global Include Date FunctionsExtension 
Global Include HNDBinIO FunctionsExtension 
Global Include HNDCapture Console FunctionsExtension 
Global Include HNDClient FunctionsExtension 
Global Include HNDConfig FunctionsExtension 
Global Include HNDDiskEx FunctionsExtension 
Global Include HNDDisk FunctionsExtension 
Global Include HNDDosFile FunctionsExtension 
Global Include HNDShell FunctionsExtension 
Global Include HNDShellLink FunctionsExtension 
Global Include HNDSnapCall FunctionsExtension 
Global Include HNDUtil FunctionsExtension 
Global Incluse HND Utilities DLLExtension 
Global Include HNDZStore FunctionsExtension 
Global Include Registry FunctionsExtension 
Global Include Spelling CheckExtension 
Global Transparent ControlsExtension 
Green Bar ABC BrowseExtension 
HNDCMP Control PanelExtension 
Handy API Events WindowExtension 
Handy Application DocsExtension 
Handy Clarion Report Write Control HZOExtension 
Handy Clarion Report Writer Control TXRExtension 
Handy Code Signing ExtensionExtension 
Handy Column HiderExtension 
Hany Custom ABC ErrorsExtension 
Handy File Queue BuilderExtension 
Handy File View BuilderExtension 
Handy HDQ To Local DataExtension 
Hand HTTP File Delete EHFExtension 
Handy HTTP File Exists EHFExtension 
Handy HTTP Get FileExtension 
Handy HTTP Put File EHFExtension 
Handy MAPI EmailExtension 
Handy Marker Browse Process LimiterExtension 
Handy Marker Browse Record Tagger EXExtension 
Handy Marker Browse Report LimiterExtension 
Handy NT Service FunctionsExtension 
Handy Procedure DocsExtension 
Handy Query Process LimiterExtension 
Handy Query Report LimiterExtension 
Handy Source Inline Process HSPExtension 
Handy Thread LimiterExtension 
Handy Version ResourceExtension 
INI File ProcedureExtension 
Locator Over Ride Control Record Tagger EXExtension 
Procedure Images EXExtension 
Procedure Snap InsExtension 
Procedure Transparent ControlsExtension 
Process User Custom RequestExtension 
Resize HandlesExtension 
Resize Handles ControlExtension 
Server File Handyling Over RidesExtension 
Set Explorer Browse Query Builder BindingsExtension 
Set SQL Alias To File PrefixExtension 
Soure Embed Date FunctionsExtension 
Source Embed Disk EX FunctionsExtension 
Sourec Embed Disk FunctionsExtension 
Source Embed Encryption FunctionsExtension 
Source Embed HZO FunctionsExtension 
Source Embed MAPI FunctionsExtension 
Source Embed Query Builder FunctionsExtension 
Source Embed SMTP FunctionsExtension 
Source Embed Utility FunctionsExtension 
Source Embed Zip FunctionsExtension 
Souce Write Zip Code SEZFExtension 
VBL File NamesExtension 
Blob To File BasicJumpStart 
Bulk File Copying With Progress WindowJumpStart 
Bulk File Deleting With Progress WindowJumpStart 
Bulk File Moving With Progress WindowJumpStart 
Bulk File Renaming With Progress WindowJumpStart 
File To Blob BasicJumpStart 
Install From Containers - No AuthenticationJumpStart 
Install My Files - (AppWiz)JumpStart 
Installer Configuration ProcedureJumpStart 
JumpStart COM Calendar AJumpStart 
Zip Backup To CHT Server Via HTTPJumpStart 
Zip Backup To FTP ServerJumpStart 
Zip Backup To IIS/Apache Servers Via HTTPJumpStart 
BrowseLess Edit Form ProcedureProcedure 
Client Server Web Process Data BuilderProcedure 
Client Server Web Report Date StampProcedure 
Client Server Web Report Page NumberProcedure 
Client Server Web Report Time StampProcedure 
Handy JDO Data AdapterProcedure 
Handy Source ProcedureProcedure 
Handy Source Procedure TSProcedure 
Handy Web Client Browse ProcedureProcedure 
Handy Web Client Browse Procedure EXProcedure 
HandY Web Client Process ProcedureProcedure 
Handy Web Client Report ProcedureProcedure 
Handy Web Client Update Form ProcedureProcedure 
Handy Web Client Update Form Procedure LBXProcedure 
INI Table IO ProcedureProcedure 
Instant FRP Upload ProcedureProcedure 
List Box Browse Extender Client Server BrowseProcedure 
AA CHT JumpStart Procedures Utility OneUtility 
AA CHT JumpStart Procedures Utility TwoUtility 
AA CHT JumpStart Procedures Utility ThreeUtility 
AA Export ProcedureUtility 
AA Import ProcedureUtility 
CHT Check PresentUtility 
CHT Jumpstart Browser Server ApplicationUtility 
CHT Jump Start Client Server ApplicationUtility 
CHT Jumpstart File Server ApplicationUtility 
CHT Jump Start Static Server ApplicationUtility 
Exclude LZ32 LibUtility 
Exclude MSWSock LibUtility 
Exclude MAPI32 LibUtility 
Exclude WSock 32 LibUtility 
Exclude WinInet LibUtility 
Export ProjectUtility 
Generate Application MenusUtility 
HND Check TPL RegUtility 
HNDCMP App Classes to HTML FileUtility 
HNDCmp App Templates to HTML BothUtility 
HNDCMP App Template to HTML FileUtility 
HNDCmp Export ApplicationUtility 
HNDCmp Import AACtl PanelUtility 
HNDCmp Set Expire OffUtility 
HNDCmp Set Expire OnUtility 
HNDCmp Set Model DLLUtility 
HNDCmp Set Model LIBUtility 
HND List Application TemplateUtility 
HND Remove Application PathUtility 
Refresh ABCUtility 
View ClassesUtility 

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